Atlantic Offshore Drilling Information

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Important links and information from John Weber of the Surfrider Foundation. 

Proposed drilling area for the Atlantic Coast. BOEM, oil andgas, drilling on Atlantic coast, surfrider foundation
Proposed drilling area for the Atlantic Coast

The closest Public Meeting on Offshore Oil Drilling is in Annapolis, MD.  Facebook Event here    A reminder, these are “open House” pubic meetings where you can ask questions etc, look at their displays and handouts etc, and then sit down and write your public comments through the BOEM website AND you can also mark up a map as to areas you are concerned with and why.  It’s very similar to the portal for the Mid Atlantic.  Why they didn’t just integrate with the existing M-A Portal is beyond everyone.

All the Public Hearings are listed in the Blog Post on Surfrider’s Main website.
We also have an Action alert so armchair activists from every State can tell their US Senators etc that they don’t want this.  Note on this action alert, you have to fill in all your info, then click Submit, then you can see the actual email going to the Senators.
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I personally think that drilling off the Atlantic coast is a very bad idea.  We have seen a few train accidents this year spilling crude into rivers.  As advanced as humans are unfortunately we are still using antiquated technology all in the name of making money.  I know our economy is based on oil, that is a fact that we can’t get away from at the moment, but there are better and safer ways to do things.  We can do more for our environment and our future.  Wind farms would be a more reasonable solution offshore.  Please check out the links and attend these meetings if you have the time.  Granted these are in Virginia but a spill will effect the entire coastline.
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