Assateague Drum Action Is Hot

Like clockwork, everyone is heading to Assateague to catch bull red drum and for several anglers their anticipation was answered with some great fish.  Drum fishing is fun at Assateague and the surf is more like New Jersey and unlike Delaware.  I literally think Delaware has a unique surf, unlike all the east coast states.

The boys are banging up the drums this weekend despite the crappy weather we have today.  That is actually ideal for some of these larger fish.  They could care less about rough conditions, that actually makes it easier for them to find food. Stirred up water confuses bait fish and digs up clams and sand fleas much easier.  Making feeding much easier for larger fish.


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49.5 inch Red Drum at Assateague Island caught by David Moore

A fish (every fish) will not expend more than the energy it can receive from consuming a baitfish. The fish knows what meals are worth the trouble.  In aquariums you can put tiny fish in a tank with a large eel.  The eel will not waste the time or energy chasing those tiny minnows.  Put in a sizable fish the eel can eat, and it becomes food the second it hits the water.  Big baits catch big fish.

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Whole spot or kingfish are great for bull red drums, that is some of the things they are eating.  There are lady fish mixed in with the kingfish along Delaware’s beaches.  They make killer bait as well.  The go to bait,  whole surf clams is always a preferred food.

Fish On!

Rich King

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