April’s Full Moon Will Be a Lunar Eclipse


Full Pink Moon 2014, blood moon,
Full Pink Moon 2014

The full moon for April occurs on April 4th,  a bonus will be the lunar eclipse.  This will create what has become known in some cultures and religions as the blood moon.  The sun, earth and moon will be lined up in space so that the earth’s shadow, eclipses the moon.  This will be visible in North America on April 4th at 5:16 am, predawn.  It is always a interesting event to see and this April’s lunar eclipse is the third in a special series known as a tetrad.  This is when four total eclipses occur in a row, with the absence of any partial eclipses in between.

Lunar Eclipse October 2104, blood moon, pink moon, full fish moon,
Lunar Eclipse October 2104 the blood moon
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The April full moon is know as the full pink moon.  This name comes from the herb moss, or wild ground phlox that are the earliest and most widespread flowers of the spring.  Other names for April’s full moon are the Egg Moon, Full Sprouting Grass Moon,and coastal tribes referred to it as the Full Fish Moon, named for the shad run when they move upstream to spawn, that usually starts this time of year.  Hopefully the striped bass run soon follows.

Fish On!!

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