DNREC is looking for wood frog breeding sites in your area

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Wood frog … picture from Delaware Fish & Wildlife

Delaware Fish and Wildlife is looking for wood frog breeding sites as part of a multi-state project aimed at better understanding ranavirus, a disease that is impacting amphibians and reptiles worldwide. The wood frogs were quite busy breeding this past week. Their call is similar to the sound of quacking ducks. Some southern leopard frogs sound like wood frogs but are usually heard in coastal areas. Wood frog egg masses are gelatinous balls that are typically laid with many other egg masses. They float at the top of the water; often with parts of the mass above the surface. If you have heard or seen any away from the bay shore, in areas other than Blackbird or White Clay, we would love to know about it. Please Contact Sarah Brownlee at 302-735-8674 or e-mail Sarah.Brownlee@state.de.us. Check out the photos for examples of egg masses and wood frog habitat.


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If anyone can help out Delaware Fish and Wildlife please keep an eye out and let them know.

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