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August 2020

Second Summer Started Today

This is the best time of the year, now we can fish The Point was opened a day early and we are out here enjoying our favorite views. Everything looks great check out the videos and pictures below, they speak for themselves. The bayside of the point is closed until October first you have to walk around if you head out from point

The Tackle Box ID Card For Delaware Sharks

Identify your shark catch easily in the water This is a handy guide I have for Identifying sharks. There is a more detailed guide to walk you through the differences of the harder to identify sharks. This smaller guide is much handier to have with you on the beach or boat. A good rule of thumb is that any shark with a dorsal ridge must

Maryland Fishing Report

Maryland Fishing Report is written and compiled by Keith Lockwood, Maryland Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist. The abundance of speckled trout in the shallower shoreline areas has been a real treat to those who love their light-tackle shallow water action. Recreational crabbers are enjoying some of the best crabs of the season