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March 2020

Assateague Island Is Closed

Maryland closed all their state parks today. The National Park Service followed shortly after by closing Assateague Island National Seashore. Things are changing daily around our area. It is a shame, but for everyone's safety it is necessary. Same situation in Delaware, everyone is upset, because surf fishermen can social distance like no

Horseshoe Crabs Can Social Distance Why Can’t You?

Horseshoe crabs have survived for over 250 million years for a reason If you haven't seen all the crazy online shenanigans, then don't and get outside. Everyone is emotional and rightfully so. The biggest issue is social distancing, or social Fishstancing. Just stay away from each other. Six feet is recommended. Don't put ten of your

Local Delaware Seafood Suppliers Public List

You can buy local fish, shellfish and bait from local watermen Delaware Sea Grant has compiled a list of local waterman and aquaculture farmers, the public can contact them to buy direct. The seafood industry took a huge hit before we even saw the effects of corona-virus in Delaware. Not only food sources of fish and shellfish, but

Assateague Island National Seashore Is Open

Assateague Island National Seashore Is Open It Was A Beautiful Day We rode to Assateague Island today, I knew it was open, and I needed to stretch my legs. Not to mention check my sanity and wet a line. We have been social distancing for weeks. Avoiding people, friends, and family. It has been hard on everyone. Anyone else have a

TP Was Blitzing The Beach Today

TP Was Blitzing The Beach Today We Chased It Down To The Virginia Line We took a trip today to find Toilet Paper, a rare commodity in these here parts of Sussex county. When we got the call .. "Dude there is a herd of Charmin two ply, they are running the beaches at Assateague! They just spooked the ponies. You need to get down here!" We

Maryland Fishing Report – March 25

Maryland Department of Natural Resources has made adjustments to protect the health and safety of state employees, the public, and the angling community. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go fishing March 25, 2020 .. A lot of people find themselves with extra time on their hands. We encourage anglers to take advantage of the incredible fishing