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March 2020

There Are Six Open Drive On Accesses For Surf Fishing

March, 31, 2020 ... Delaware State Parks ... In accordance with the Governor's Modification to the State of Emergency, effective immediately, surf fishing vehicle access has been restored at Delaware Seashore State Park and Fenwick Island State Park. Fenwick Island - South, Middle, York Crossings OpenNorth Side of Inlet - Faithful Steward Dune

Just Surf Fish Nothing Else

Please follow the restrictions and don't mess this up! We just got access to surf fish the drive on beaches in Delaware. So let's not mess this up, that means JUST SURF FISH. The rules or restrictions make sense for the powers that be, to open the drive on beaches back up, slowly. Just surf fish, No ... corn hole, grills, volleyball,

Surf Fishing Drive On Beaches are Open With Restrictions

The governor has put out his eight modification for our Delaware State of Emergency ... Surf Fishing beaches are open to drive on with restrictions starting Tuesday the 31st of March at 8 AM. See you in the suds, don't come near me and don't touch your face!.PLEASE follow all of these restrictions or you could be tossed off the beach, this took

Sussex County Fields Of Purple

The farmers haven't started plowing yet and the fields are changing colors daily. The fields on the way to Georgetown off Zoar road are two colors of purple. Muscari Armeniacum, called Grape Hyacinth is covering many of the fields in large patches. So are Purple Dead Nettles (Lamium purpureum ) and Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule). These make

NOAA Fisheries Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

NOAA Fisheries Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update NOAA Fisheries is actively monitoring and adjusting to the COVID-19 national health crisis. Primary Sources of Information (March 27, 2020) ... — The primary portal for public information, curated by the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House, working in conjunction with Center

Take A Short Aerial Tour Of Delmarva’s Coast

ByCody Croswell ... While sitting here, like the rest of you in quarantine, thinking of all the things that we would normally do this time of year and can’t. I had an idea. Even though taking my drone and flying around Delmarva is definitely something I do solo, it is definitely something that I don’t do during rainy weather. So, I started going