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May 2019

The Sandbars Of Masseys Ditch Are Huge Boat trying to traverse the sand bar outside of Masseys ditch ... driscoll drones photo People are going to have one hell of a time this summer. A lot of boats

“The Fish of Dreams”

Keith Allonardo "Hip Fish" I got very lucky one day in Cape May, NJ and If you have seen the video then you already know my final words upon landing the largest striped bass I have ever caught on the fly; This is the One I’ve been

Full Flower Moon

The Corn Planting Moon The Flower Moon The Milk Moon May's full moon is in full bloom and known as the flower moon. This time of year flowers are abundant everywhere. Other names are the Corn Planting Moon by some Algonquin tribes.

Big Whale Off Herring Point Yesterday

Whale breaching off Herring Point beach yesterday We were surf fishing yesterday and saw a large whale off the beach. Breaching and feeding, scattering bunker and bluefish. It was fun to watch for a little while. There were