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April 2019

Somebody Caught A Bluefish Now What Should You Do

Matt Dammeyer was high hook this morning with this nice big bluefish. ( May 2017) This has been the question of the week/month/year. Are the bluefish going to show up and when? Beats me we haven't gotten their itinerary yet is usually my answer.No one ever knows exactly when, that is a guess at best. Over the last three years it has been around

We Have Lift Off Antares Carries The Last CRS1 To Space

Cygnus Spacecraft sitting on top of the Antares at the pad. Wednesday at NASA's Wallops Island flight facility (WFF) the Antares vehicle carried the NG-11 Cygnus Spacecraft into space to deliver cargo and experiments to the International Space Station.  If you haven't had the chance to see this rocket launch you need to get down to Wallops

Delaware May Be On Track To Ban Plastic Bags

Free plastic bags in state parks that are rarely used for actual trash. Below is a press release from Plastic free Delaware. I could not agree more with getting rid of single use plastic shopping bags. There are much better ways and we are seeing more and more bags on the beaches and the sides of the roads. The carry in carry out bags in the

I found My Biggest Delaware Bay Diamond

Delaware Bay Diamond I found Sunday at the beach clean up (dry) Delaware Bay Diamonds also known as Cape May Diamonds are quartz crystals that have been worn down like sea glass. They come in many shapes and sizes. Usually we only find the small pebble sized ones. I found the biggest one I have ever seen on Sunday. Just sitting on the

F2 Tornado Touches Down in Sussex County

If you haven't heard the entire county was woken up at 3 AM this morning including yours truly to a tornado warning. The watch was announced earlier yesterday evening. When that warning came in we knew the possibility of a tornado would touch down, but no one ever knows where. I went outside to let the dog out because he was

Antares Set To Launch Wednesday If the Weather Holds

Antares on the pad in 2014 Looking forward to Wednesday's launch of the Antares, tomorrow we (media) get to set remote camera feeds for near pad video and pictures. I get to take a selfie with a spaceship! Totally looking forward to this adventure. I will have pictures and videos for you all by Wednesday evening so long as all goes to plan.