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April 2019

ASMFC Passes Striped Bass Addendum

This afternoon the ASMFC voted unanimously to approve an addendum to start protecting the striped bass fishery better. There was some language changes and few motions still on the table for the next meetings. For the most part this is a decent start to make changes by 2020 we hope. There will be a series of public meetings to allow

Attention Boaters New Buoy Placement for Indian River Bay

In 2018 the buoy placement was changed, and still stands as of today. The numbers may be off by a few feet give or take I am told by the Coast Guard Station Indian River. Make sure you have this marked on your plotters. This year the sand bars and shoaling is even worse than last, in some areas. We have many aerial shots from Driscoll Drones to

The Lyrids Will Make It Rain Meteors On Earth Day

If you saw that bright meteor a few nights ago, the day before the Antares launch, that was an earth grazer. One of the most popular types of meteors to see during the lyrids, which are active right now. Tonight is their peak performance. Aprils’s shooting stars, the Lyrid meteors tend to be bright and often leave trails and is

How To Win This Saltiga 5000H

Blues at the flats in Cape Henlopen skinny spring big headed gator bluefish. Do you want a shot at wining this Saltiga 5000H reel. All you have to do is catch the first Delaware caught 18 pound bluefish and weigh it in at Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle. By the way the shop is loaded to the gills with DS Custom tackle surf rigs and soon

Easter Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean up crew on Easter. We had our weekly beach clean up today. Everyone met in Delaware Seashore State Park at Keybox. We only had eight people, but I wasn't expecting a huge turnout. I mean what kind of a heathen holds a beach clean up on a Sunday. This guy. Tire we found on the beach today We got a decent amount of

DNREC’s Black Drum Study Here Is How You Can Help

This cooler to collect drum heads for DNREC's study is at Dan's Tackle Box on route 1 DNREC's Fish and Wildlife Division is conducting a study again this year on black drum and needs our help, well they need your fish heads. If you catch a big black drum or any keeper black drum please take the head to Dan's Tackle Box on route 1 ( 25772