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March 2019

Great Seeing These In The Surf

Elver or Glass eel Lynne Larson caught in the surf wash after the beach clean up on March 24th ... photo by Lynne Larson Today and last week elvers or glass eels were found in the surf. These are traveling back to the freshwater

Beach Trash And Treasures

The clean up volunteers finding trash and treasures Great day to clean up a beach, the weather held off just long enough for us to cover all of Fenwick Island State Park beach. The wind wasn't off the water, so it was not as cold as

Spring fishing Is On Point

The weather is amazing, if you aren't out fishing you should be all weekend. Anglers are finding more and more fish and the water temperatures are rising steadily. Despite the nightly temperature drops it is really warming up nice.

Surf Fishing Tournaments 2019

These are the surf fishing tournaments we are hosting this year and wanted to get you a list. We are using Stub Central now and not the other ticketing sites. This has proved to be a much more reasonable ticketing service, as well as