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It Isn’t My Trash Why Should I Pick It Up

Beach Clean Up At Beach Plum Island State Park today, We Pick Up What Others Won't. Beach Plum Island State Park surf fishing drive on beach was covered in plastic trash today. One would think the water and wind must have pushed a lot onto the sand, but as you really look you realize it is daily. Recently someone said to me "Why do

Aids To Navigation Being Removed From Inland Bays

The Indian River Coast Guard Station crews will start removing the buoys (aids to navigation) around the Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay, and Roosevelt Inlet. These are the seasonal buoys removed each year. If the inland bays freeze the buoys can be damaged. These are also cleaned and then stored for next year. Usually the buoys are put back

December Is The New Rocktober

We have been bailing short bass in the surf and around the inland bays, but today a couple anglers who took a shot got into some serious action. Pulling stretches, mojos and bunker spoons. Once they found bait fish schools, they found striped bass, lots of them. In Delaware waters right out front feeding on bunker and sand eels. There are

Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Now On Sale

2020 Annual Passes and Surf-Fishing Permits are Officially on Sale Now! Buy Your 2020 Annual Passes and Permits Online Annual PassesOne pass, endless adventures! Get your 2020 Annual Pass and enjoy free admission to Delaware State Parks for an entire calendar year. Annual Passes are available online or from any park office.Buy now» Surf

Delabear Live On Camera In Wilmington Back Yards

Right now the Delabear as it has been dubbed is running through yards in Wilmington, Delaware near Trolley Square. Can we get this bear a beer? He should be named Trolley Square Bear by the end of the day. Authorities are trying to round him up. Stay away and indoors for your own safety. Check it out live on NBC 10 Philadelphia with Tim