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September 2017

Come On In The Water Is FIne

We have a small craft advisory today until two this afternoon.  The water is starting to clear, yesterday the wind was brutal and the Delaware bay looked like chocolate milk.  The ocean beaches had a lot of sand in the waves…

Stand Up Paddle Board Safety

With the growing popularity of Stand Up Paddle boarding there are more adventurers out on the water than ever before. Most of us, even brand new beginners can get ourselves on the board even if it’s just kneeling or sitting and have the

Swimmer’s Itch What You Need To Know

(Sept, 27... 2107) .... An angler, apparently, while cast netting for mullet got a serious infection or infestation of swimmer's itch also known as clam digger's itch.  This condition is known as Cercarial Dermatitis, which is…

The Point Bayside Is Fully Open

The closed area of the bayside of the point has been taken down this morning by parks.  You can now access the entire bayside of the point.  Walking in from the overlook parking lot above point comfort station access is now…