ant fly, fly fishing, maryland, kneedeep fly fishing, maryland, delaware
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Tying Terrestrials, Ken’s Crazy Ant

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ant fly, fly fishing, maryland, kneedeep fly fishing, maryland, delaware

Ant fly … Micah Dammeyer

I said I’d come up with more on terrestrials and I’m making good on it. Of course, I’m a fisherman so it took a little longer than “over the weekend” as I’d promised.

The Boss was out of town so I spent some time in the basement and got crafty with a how-to tying video. I’m pretty excited about this first run at it and I even sent it to the creator of Ken’s Crazy Ant – Ken Walraith – and he wasn’t completely offended by my version of it. Sure, the hackle’s not perfect, and it’s got a little twist, BUT that sucker is going in my box and I know it will catch fish. You can find Ken at if you’re not a fly tier but want to get you hands on a few.

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Hot summer trout

For a build up about the fly: I guided with Gene from Backwater a week ago and we faced skinny slow water and sparse caddis and midges. There wasn’t a rise in sight. Things could have been tough with our large group but we both knew ants would be on the menu. Knowing the river helped a lot but casting ants to the shaded seams (look for the lines of bubbles floating down stream) was the recipe for rises.

Even if you’re just getting into tying your own flies, this is a great pattern with only a few pieces, and a great profile. When fishing it, I prefer to apply a generous blob of Bug Jelly or some similar “wet” dry fly dressing; give it a squeeze so it’s well coated. It should provide plenty of float to get you through the day. If the current pulls it under let it ride and watch for the swirl!

Enjoy the video and I hope we see you on the water.

Micah Dammeyer
Kneedeep Fly Fishing

Tying Terrestrials, Ken’s Crazy Ant

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