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495 bridge opens, tolls increase on route 1 this weekend

Black Pearl

The 495 bridge Soutbound lanes were opened this evening for rush hour traffic.  It may be closed periodically for tweeking, but it has been opened a month a head of schedule.  Be safe traveling this weekend.  Which will cost you a few dollars more on route 1 now.   Starting at 7 p.m. on August 1 the weekend tolls will increase to $3.  This schedule will continue every weekend until 11 p.m. Sunday Evening.  There is a chart below for the weekend increases.

Route 1 access ramps at Denny’s Road and Boyd’s Corner will remain at 50 cents for Class 2 passenger vehicles and 50 cents per axle for all commercial class vehicles. The fee for the Route 1 access ramp at Smyrna will remain at 25 cents for Class 2 passenger vehicles and 25 cents per axle for all commercial class vehicles.

Route 1 Toll Rates                     Monday – Friday          Weekend

Class 2 Passenger Vehicle              $1.00                          $3.00

Class 3 Vehicle                                   $3.00                          $5.00

Class 4 Vehicle                                   $4.00                          $6.00

Class 5 Vehicle                                   $5.00                          $7.00

Class 6 Vehicle                                   $6.00                          $8.00

Wide Load Permit Vehicles              $11.00                        $11.00

EX pass will still receive the same discounts.  Everyone have a safe weekend!

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